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so i'm going to eat one hundred sweets


i am the victim, and the murderer
Lena Julia l drunky l Bydgoszcz l Poland l 15 l honest l stubborn l creative l a little bit shy and lazy.

Patrick Wolf l Kate Nash l La Roux l Paramore l She&Him l The Veronicas l Cobra Starship l Kelly Clarkson l The Kooks l Tegan and Sara l The Ting Tings l Lily Allen l Amy Mcdonald l 30 Seconds To Mars l My Chemical Romance l Kat Frankie l Emma Watson l Audrey Kitching

Radio, Finding Neverland, Wall.e, Scent of a Woman, Harry Potter, Forrest Gump, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Pianist, Saving Private Ryan, Benny&Joon, Million Dollar Baby.

tv shows: Skins, Gossip Girl, True Blood, House MD, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy

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